Saturday, August 25, 2012

Psychotic People

The past few books I've read have been strangely disturbing. Most dealt with psychotic characters, dysfunctional families & homicide. And no, I did not pick them up based on these very enticing criteria! Not to say that I did not enjoy them, I loved some of them but I haven't binge-read certain genres like these before.

I picked up 2 Shirley Jackson books because I read somewhere that she inspired quite a few authors, Stephen King included. Now, 11/22/63 was a favorite this year so I thought I'd give her a chance. Then one day, I was at Kinokuniya and saw a yellow cover with bright pink fonts yelling "Hello Kitty Must Die". I picked it up without even reading the back cover. It was certainly nothing like I expected. Next was Gone Girl. I downloaded a sample on my kindle, and a day later had finished the book. Mama mia, talk about what goes behind closed doors.

I was out today and bumped into a really old althetics-mate of mine. You meet people, keep in touch with a few, loose touch with most and then you bump into them from time to time, even if you don't even live in the same city or country anymore. It's a small world after all, right?

A few weeks ago, I was in MCC and entered the Marina furniture store there. I wasn't looking for something specifically but wanted to be inspired, and then I spied a furniture set with very familiar words scrawled on them. I noticed "and don't make dreams your master". I went around and found a few other pieces with Kipling's poem printed on them. It just made me wonder whether the furniture designer was a Kipling fan, or just chose the words because Kipling lived in India, and the furniture was made there.