Tuesday, April 03, 2012

An Uncommon Education

One of the first books I read for April was An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer. I got the book from the amazon vine program, and I sort of have mixed feelings about it. I loved parts of it, but other parts were just bleh. On another note, this was a book that made me search for more info regarding Jews and Judaism. There are some really observant - to an extreme, sects out there! But even that was interesting to read. Here's my review:

An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer
3.5 Stars

A 9 year old Naomi Feinstein finds comfort in the multiple visits her father takes her to the Kennedy's home, but when her father suffers a heart attack after such a visit, the idea of becoming a doctor, a cardiologist, forms in her mind. Her mother suffers from bouts of deep depression and rarely interacts with her, whilst her friendship with her father only grows stronger. Being an outcast at school, he is her only friend, until a new neighbor moves in next door.

As Naomi grows, so do her aspirations. She enrolls in Wellesley college to study premed and hopes to make new friends in this new place. Yet, throughout most of her first year there, she remains lonely as ever, until she saves a girl and gets invited to join the Shakespeare group.

I loved the first part of the book, and enjoyed the rest, but felt like it was lacking. The first part was laid back and the rest was too rushed. Would have enjoyed it more had the Wellesley years been more focused, and had there been less of a sense of foreboding.  Loved the themes of religion, family, culture, and friendship, and the way Naomi's personality developed.