Sunday, December 04, 2011

In my head

In my head, I've written several books. Excellent books, with witty dialogue, genuine characters and a couldn't put it down kind of feeling. Some of the books that I have written have even made it to the bestseller's list. The in my head bestsellers, I mean. When I'm bored, which has been the case lately, I string sentence after sentence and then just stand back..and admire them. Yes, naturally, in my head.

I've also done a lot of other things, in my head. I've painted to-die-for paintings, designed the trendiest kind of clothes and landed the perfect-est axle on ice. In my head, in my head, oh but of course, in my head.

Lately, that's where I stop. I n   m y  h e a d . But all that is about change now. It's going to be i n  r e a l    l i f e. At least, I hope so. I sort of got into the habit of watching everything executed inmyhead, and it's not all bad.

What I found in my closet


Anonymous said...

Reading that, I could've sworn we were twins! I've been a bestseller in my head too! w azeedech min el she3r bait I've had countless nights of not being able to sleep thinking up what I'd say on only cuz no tv for me xD hahaha

Anyway I'm so glad you came to that decision. Really girl mashallah you've got a gripping and delightful writing style, Allah ywafgech and plz save the first signed book for me <33


Bookworm said...

Natsu <3 Thank you for your always-there encouragement.