Monday, October 17, 2011

Tidying up

Macaron Makin'
Red Velvet Cupcakes, circa 2010

So, what does this mean?

That Kaleidoscope has finally started organizing her picture folders. And Can I just say that I love Iphoto to organize my numerous picture files? It's got face recognition, and organizes based on events/places. Alas, I have lost some pictures forever since my old laptop, monsieur hamdy, called it a day a year or two ago.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Girl in Translation

Do you know how sometimes you read a book, and it stays with you long after you've turned the last page? Not because you went through exactly the same thing, and not because the words and descriptions were particularly lyrical or touching. But because there was so much feelings blended with the words, that they just seeped right out of the pages, and onto your fingers and made a place for themselves in your heart. I read Girl in Translation more than a month ago, but I still find myself wondering what happened to the main character, and whether she found what she was looking for. Sometimes, at random moments, a scene from the book topples into my field of vision and I look around, waiting to see what's going to happen next.

In brief, its a story of how a girl and her mother moved from Hong Kong to New York in hopes of finding a better life. Learning to adapt to the new culture, and new everything, with little to no help from the mother's sister who has been living in the States for several years. Themes of love, friendship, and loss are intertwined. But what makes this book different is that, for me, it sounded so real. I remember feeling the same way after reading The Kite Runner. Almost the same feeling of being able to see into a person's real life, without any shield, and without that person knowing. The raw emotions that you can relate to on a different level transformed this book for me into a living, breathing being.

So now, I'm on the hunt for another great book, that would make me feel like this one did.