Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun, fun, fun, f u n




I miss my blog.

Good News: I passed my masters el7mdilla :D. At some point in the past 3 years, I thought I'd never see this day. The uni didn't offer courses as frequently as I wanted to take them, and then I changed my thesis topic after submitting the proposal. This past year just whizzed by so fast, I barely had time to say Whoa.

I'm back to reading, finally. I think I only read 5-6 books since I started working on my thesis back in Feb. Maan, it feels so good.

AND, I am just going to laze around for a couple of months. Yes. I totally deserve it. My life has been all about moving, moving, moving, and I've never had a solid one month with just no deadlines and no commitments. Seriously, in the past, if I wasn't studying, I was working summers, or studying summer courses, or something. Now, I just want to relax, maybe take a few fun courses like art for pleasure, and THEN think about what's next. I was down with the flu and a fever this past week, but now that I'm up and about, I'll have to do some last minute paper work to get my thesis in the uni library. And then, relaxium starts.

In other words, summer has started. And boy is it hot :-I


Nemo said...

congrats girl :)

add me on goodreads if you have an account :)

sadia said...

Mabrook!! Well done missy! :)

Bookworm said...

Thanks Nemo :)

I don't have a goodreads account, but I have a shelfari one. Are you on there as well?

Thank yooouu sadooya

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Best of luck and enjoy your summer .

Bookworm said...

Thanks, you too! :)

Spring Blend said...

Mabrooook habebty BoOkyYY

U deserve it mash a Allah

Wohooooooo relax guurl :D

Hope u have loots of fun this summer

Miss going ice skating with u :(

Take care sis