Saturday, October 02, 2010


The weather's getting better. Finally. I'm not a summer person, did I mention that? I burn easily, I have rosacea, I feel like I'm dying slowly when I'm out in our hot humid weather, even if it's just for 5 minutes. I literally suffocate, and the idea of hitting the beach sends shivers down my spine. I look at people sun bathing or swimming and I'm amazed at how they can handle the sun. It does not look relaxing at all. At the ladies club, I'd be the one sitting solo at a table in the air conditioned beach cafe when the weather's decent enough for everyone to hit the waves. Sun, sand and water? Egad. Maybe because I don't have the hots for swimming either. But I think, I think I might like swimming, in say late november or december. The weather gets to be actually pretty decent around here.

I'm talking about the weather. What has the world gotten to. My insomniac self has been slowly making its presence known these past few weeks. I thought I had gotten the better of it ages ago, but maybe it just misses me. To get sleep a-coming, I decided to read a book my cousin lent me a few months ago. Before I die by Jenny Downham. I thought I'd sleep before finishing the chapter I had started a few days (weeks) ago. I have nothing against YA, or depressing books. But when I tried to read this earlier, I couldn't get into it. Thing is, insomnia was on a roll, and before I knew it, I had finished the book. An extremely short summary would be the list 16 year old cancer ridden Tessa made for herself, things to do before she dies. It's depressing, sad, and the writing's not really good. I finished it somehow, then sat thinking of certain people I knew, because altho the style wasn't good, it's hard not to be touched by something so realistic. If the style was any better, and the plot well constructed, I'd have ended being a blubbering fool barely mid way through the book.

We take things for granted. Health, family, friends, everything, then we bitch about the things that could go wrong, or went wrong. I know I do that sometimes. I'm going to make a conscious effort in not doing that anymore. Mind's all very sombre today, I blame Before I die.

On another note, I got my bangs cut last week. The bangs cutting phase has been going on with me for 2 years now, shouldn't I have gotten bored of it by now..well, at least I've tried most of the bangs styles, only a few left! Then maybe I'll let them grow out..