Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've had this book on my TBR for some time now. I finally read it, during Eid break and it was quite entertaining. A dash of Wodehouse, mix well with Jane Austen's sense of humor, drop onto England mid world wars and sprinkle generously with laughter, alternating with a good dose of family drama. The narrator of both books is Fanny, a young girl whose mother left her dad and as a consequence became known as 'the bolter'. Her father also ditched the familial scene and she was left under her Aunt Emily's care. Spending her holidays with her Aunt Sadie and her kids, we are taken on a ride with her cousins the Radletts. Uncle Matthew's fierce temper, Sadie's absentmindedness, Linda's romantic dreams, Louisa's practical nature. Oh there are lots of occasions where you'll laugh. The writing is elegant and simple, and you can see yourself being immersed in their daily lives, their ups and downs, and yet, amongst all the little chuckles you will also see less frivolous themes of loss, war and others.

I read the book and was so interested in knowing more about the Mitfords. I wikied them and found out lots of surprising facts. A nazi Mitford, a fascist, a communist..I might be tempted to pick up an autobio on their family sometime soon.

Not sure what to read next. Perhaps, my translation books. After all, my dissertation has to be written sometime. Man, but have I upped my level of procrastination to higher unheard of levels. Seems like I'd do anything these days except hit those books..aaahhh