Saturday, July 03, 2010

June 4th

When I read Julie & Julia a couple of weeks ago, I remembered Martha Stewart's Cupcake book. Why? Well, because I had made a sort of similar deal with myself when I got it. I said I'd try all the cupcake recipes in it (175), but I didn't give myself a deadline, and that's probably why I've only done 12. BUT I've done each of these twelve recipes at least 3 or 4 times! For school bazars, fund raisers, for parties with themes, that's gotta count, right? :p

Anyway, although I didn't enjoy reading the book all that much, I was very intrigued by Julia Child. I wanted to know more about her, and I, of course, had to get her French cooking book. It doesn't have any pictures (which is usually a must for me when it comes to cooking books), but I think I'll try out a couple of the recipes I've read about. The ones that don't need several hours of broiling, boiling, and steaming. Check out some of her videos, they're actually fun and entertaining..makes me want to go back in time, for some reason.

So, I'm way behind with my birthday resolution post. I've managed to do a total 3 out of my 7 items to do list! GOODNESS GRACIOUS, right?! But..well, Maybe I'll have more determination this year. My first resolution is that next June 4th, I actually post something, rather than a month later (like now). Other than that, here are a few things that I should probably work on:
- Read more.
- Finish my masters.
- Get a job.
- Continue with German classes.
- Write something.
- Start skating again.
- Learn how to sew/crochet and knit more.

Another 7 items. Last two are from last year's. I might have better luck this time around, who knows. I have a batch of chocolate chip cupcakes in the oven, so I'd better move my behind and get to 'em before I start seeing smoke..which has happened before, unfortunately!