Monday, March 29, 2010

Over & Out

It's March 29th..bookcount '09 is officially over and I seem to have read less books in '09 than in '08. A difference of 3's not a lot, but I had hoped to surpass it. The good thing is I read more Arabic books in '09, and inshalla '10 will have even more Arabic books. Here's to hoping my reading list for '10 grows substantially bigger!

March has been a slow month for books..because...because...I finally did the LASIK last week! More about that later, but booyyy am I SMILING.


Karamilah said...

first mabroook w 7imdillah 3ala ilsalamah, ur glasses free now, iftakaity

and mashallah ur such a reader, could you please recommend any and i shall buy them and keep them on my shelf, e7m one day im gonna grab one and read it

Bookworm said...

Allah ybarek fi7ayatch o ysalimch..thanks! :D

I'd LOVE to recommend you books (recommending books is almost a hobby, lol) but what type do you usually like?

Candy said...
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Belle said...

Hi Bookie =)
I'm so proud of you for reading moire Arabic books this year. inshaALlah I say this about myself next year XD Problem is, almost every Arabic book I layed my hands on is depressing! If you know any not so pessimistic Arabic novel please let me know =)

And el7emdella 3ala salamtech <3

Bookworm said...

Allah ysalimch belle sweets o inshalla you'll read more Arabic books this year!

Let's see, what can I recommend..
عايزة أتجوز
أرز باللبن لشخين
عيناك يا حمدة *

* LOVED this one.

Anything by '3azi Alghusaibi. His books are great mashalla.