Thursday, January 07, 2010

Shall We?

My new year's post is late by a week. Great way to start the year, oui? ;o But then again, I was never big on new year's resolutions and the such. This time however, I have two burning items on the famed resolution list.
  • Finish my Master's program!
I'd be dead worried if this time next year I'd still be slaving at my masters and serving as a dead weight on society. Right now, I have a second internship lined up which I am very excited about (teaching math). And I would love if I could get a part time job, anyyywhere as a translator. A home based one would be ideal, but hey, who's complaining?

Right now though, I'm not going to worry. I am going to sit back and relax in the few days I have remaining of my holiday. C'est la vie. SMILE.


Diddlina said...

You'll find a great job Inshallah, good things come to those who wait :) May your wishes be fulfilled this year inshallah <3

Offtopic, but I see that you're reading Neil Geiman. What would you recommand I start with from his books? I was thinking of Coraline!

Faith said...

Mashalla loved those plans. Inshalla all come true ya rab. I’ve worked as a translator for a year in a law firm, then I moved to a better job and the same Law firm kept emailing me to work for them “part time” and yes home based. That was ages ago but my point is try to look there. Law firms I mean. Being a certified translator should be an extra and will open doors for you. I think you have really good educational institutions in UAE where you can get such a certification.
Best of luck :*

Bookworm said...

Hey Diddlina,
InshaAlla! Thanks :)

I started off with Coraline which I really liked. Second book I read by him was Anansi Boys (don't really recommend) and recently I've read The Graveyard Book which I think you'll love. It's my fav so far from the books I've read by him. I also read Neverwhere (3-4 stars) and I'm reading stardust atm, but I'm not too keen on it so far. Hope this helps!

Hi Faith,
MashAlla, you've had some interesting experiences. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into them :)

Kath said...

Hi Nan. I love your resolutions and your enthusiasim. Very admirable, mashAllah. Good luck on your upcoming internship (not that you'll need it, I am sure you'll do great!). Miss you girl!

sadia said...

guess what? i'm jobless again. was made to quit! :(

and now my mother is forcing me to find another

been home for about 3 weeks now and loving every second of

wish i could retire!


good luck with everything hun.

sadia said...

btw...i think you'll make an AMAZING teacher! <3

sadia said...

btw...i think you'll make an AMAZING teacher! <3

Bookworm said...

Aw, thanks kath! Miss you too.

Hi Sadoya,
Aww, I'm sorry to hear you had to quit your job. Inshalla you'll have time to relax now and then find an awwweessomme job!

& Thanks!

Belle said...

I hope that your goals come true this year =) I have exactly the same ones on top of my list xD in addition to many others :P

Best of luck in your internship <3