Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kaleidoscopic World

So, for the past 2 weeks I have been eating '7arra2 e9ba3u' for lunch, dinner and even cold out of the fridge for breakfast once. This is what I do best, you see. I fall in love with a dish, then crave it at all hours, eat it day and night till one of two things happen: I either grow literally sick of it, or, I learn how to make it myself. For some reason, when I'm the one cooking, I don't usually feel hungry at allll (great for loosing weight I suppose, haha), I guess cuz when you're in the kitchen, you just sorta get saturated from just looking at the food? Dunno! Anyway, I used to love, love chicken Fatah, then this summer I learnt how to cook it. I was so darn proud of myself. Until I found out that I couldn't eat it - not with the 'before' feelings.

I haven't eaten Fatah since summer although I've made it no fewer than a dozen times. I predict the same thing will happen with Monsieur 7arra2 e9ba3u. I love the tangy, zesty taste of it. I had some for lunch yesterday, and come dinner time I was adamant I'd break the bad habit. Come 10 am (and after dining earlier on a sandwhich) a sudden craze got ahold of me. All I could think of was a bowl of lentils, with pasta and the delicious lemony sauce. I tried hard to resist, but to no avail. I'm beginning to think the combination of lemon, pasta, lentils, parsley and baked bread must form some sort of strong addictive drug, non?
So the other day, I took my little bros to dubai mall for some shopping. I was on the escalator with my 8 and 12 year old bro behind me. When I reached the second floor I saw an expat couple sort of kissing, and I just walked on. However, not two seconds later I hear a loud: "Ewwww, Gross!" and a giggle emitting from a second person after that. I knew the voice pretty well (Ali, my eight year old bro) and the giggler was none other than Omar (12 yrs). I wanted to LOL but didn't, heh.
So, whilst I was leaving an Alumnae meeting held at my Alma Mater, I met a proffessor who although was part of my college, had never taught me. We got talking and she, along with one other person, made me only feel more convinced that my recent decision was 'right'. Don't you wish, tho, that you could always tell whether what you're doing is 'right'? Instead of having these random urges to drop what you're doing and go pursue something else x.x
The Sharjah book fair was great! I got lots of Arabic books (a few English too), but the question is, when would I read them? I'm sort of caught in the middle of all the work I postponed right now..ahaha..