Sunday, March 08, 2009

Remembrance of things past

I was out shopping today, I needed some Anna Sui make up and sport clothes. Didn't find Anna in Harvey Nichols as their website said, but was told to check Paris Gallery in Burjuman. Maybe I'll go there sometime this week since I also need to redeem some Magrudys coupons. Anyhow, whilst I was in Nike I couldn't help but notice some very 80s looking sports gear. I am talking about leopard print leggings and other such ensembles. I have noticed the trend in 'normal' clothese..but sports? Does that mean that the leotard is going to make a come back in gyms? Egad. I have a couple that I wear beneath my regular sport clothes when I go figure skating (keeps me warm, and no skin contact with the ice when I fall), however, I don't forsee myself donning those over printed leggings and leg warmers and going to the gym.
I finished watching Full House. It was a blast. I wish they'd make a reunion movie or something, but if they did, it might yeah, maybe we should just keep FH as it is. I couldn't help wondering what happened to the cast, so I googled em (actually wiki-ed them). Muy intersante.
If I had known that Margaret Atwood would have made it to the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature (via video conference, but still!), I would have booked a ticket for her session! I had sooo many qs about one of her books The Hand Maid's Tale (a favorite of mine). As it is, I had read in a couple of places that she had withdrawn and didn't think to ask. I went to two sessions tho: Prizes in Translation (hosted by 3 Arab authors) and In conversation with Louis De Brenaires. I loved the expectant air there, the adrenaline rush, the everything. I hope they decide to make this festival an annual event, and inshAlla next year, I think I'll just go live there for 2 days to go to all the sessions. A lot of the authors there were on my to-read list, so next time inshAlla, I'll check the authors' list ahead of time and make a point of reading their books.
Here are pix of some edibles I had mentioned before: the apple-walnut muffins and the chocolate marshmellow ones. I got the recipes from those kuwaiti..m6a7en books (I think they're called that, not sure).
Oversized t-shirts with leggings, headbands, and funky colors - memories of the 80s, I know you're visiting again, but I still miss you!
Shoulder pads - I honestly, swear to God, do not miss thee..


El Hazard said...

Ur baking looks divine, mashallah alaych ^^

libero anima said...

animal prints on sport wears ?

hmmmm .. but no thanks =p

btw did u make these !!!
they looooook soooo yummmmmyyyyyyy !!! *droooooool* ... damn it now i'm craving sweets ! .. and i just ate two packs of chocolate .. keleh mench bookworm ill get sooos in my teeth =p

Bookworm said...

Thanks elhazard!

lol, me too libero anima, am passing the animal print tights for sports!

Aw, thanks hun, and yeah I made them. looo, you can eat as much choco as you want, just dont forget to brush your teeth and no soos will head ur way :P (estweit doctora)

kath said...

The sportswear thing is kind of scaring me, I do not miss the shoulder pads either.

I so want to watch Full House again sometime!

Those look yummy (:

Bookworm said...

hehe, I don't think shoulder pads, espicially the big uns, would vey flattering on moi.

Thanks sweetie. I'll send over the dvd set for ya!

Belle said...

my post disappeared T_T

Those writers are lucky to have you =D I hope that you can attend all speeches next year inshAllah ^^

I'm lov'n the leggings & the florescent colors =D SO they're from the 80's! Hello 80's =D

The cakes mashAllah look great& it shows that they were made with love ^^ Creative decorations mashAllah =D

Bookworm said...

lol, i 'think' theyre from the 80s - early 90s. I dig the leggins/oversized shirt or long shirt look. But i dont like the leggings with the leotard look..

Aw thanks hun ~_~, was just following the recipe ;)