Saturday, January 03, 2009

10 Honest Things

I've been tagged by karamilah and chinese-eyes and libero anima (thanks you guys!), and I have to write 10 honest things about myself then tag others. 1,2,3, Go!

1)- Whether its what I'm going to wear tomorrow, or what movie to watch or even which college and major to choose, I seem to never be able to make a decision! I applied to three unis, got accepted then didn't know where to do. I didn't know WHAT to study cuz I liked so many different things. The other day I went to make an abaya and I couldn't decide which color to have for the trimings (the lady managed to talk me into grey lace with pink borders and now I'm just not so sure..)

2)- I Love books. I just love reading and have always had a book with me ever since I was a little kid. I also love writing. And cooking. And baking. And I definitely, definitely love eating.

3)- I get mad about ten times a day (3a9abiya 'shway') but I don't show it. I rarely show my anger to ppl unless the circumstances are really over the top.

4)- My favorite season is winter. I love it when it rains, or snows. I like walking outside when the weather's freezing. I don't get cold easily (my ac is a source of annoyance to my family) but even when I do get cold, I still enjoy it immensly.

5)- I'm a sport loving gal. I like playing karate, tennis and figure skating. I go for random gym and yoga classes. I hope to always have the time for at least one sport.

6)- I dread big social events. And I've found out that the ones I dread are the ones I have fun at the most. So that's kina a good thing for me.

7)- Nothing beats hanging out with a friend over coffee. Unless shopping is involved too.

8)- When I was a kid, I used to think my brother was my twin. He's 11 months younger than me (ok, y3ni almost a year), but I made him got to nursery when I was in KG and I only realized we weren't twins when my mother broke the news to me sometime after that.

9)- I day dream a lot. And procrastinate eva so much. I go through contrasting periods of times where I plan and make use of all the time management skills on earth, and then through times of staying up all night, frenzied, doing all the work I should have done.

10)- I love languages. I hope to one day be fluent in several.
I tag: Kath, Spring-Blend, Elhazard, Sadoya, Miracle, Natsu and everyone else that wants to do it!


libero anima said...
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libero anima said...

i tagged you too !! =p i just visited ur blog to tell you but i was too late ! .. darn it


how can u keep ur anger in .. i let in out automatically =p ana wayed aza3ij .. =p

and my fav season is winter tooooooooooo dude ! .. .

hmm should i be nice to u since u play karate ? =p

Bookworm said...

loool, ok, im gonna edit the post and say you tagged moi too =)

hehe, actually karate helps in keeping all the anger in! Or maybe it helps in taking it out in 'healthy' doses..

LOL. I'm a harmless karate player, I honestly won't hurt you, I promise!

MashMosh said...

lol nice list bookworm !! ^_^ very interesting !!

Chinese Eyes said...


sadia said...

hahaha! lol at you thinking your bro is your twin. that i sooo cute!

i don't like the cold THAT much. i can't get out of bed unless someone switches off the air cinditioner!

i thoroughly reading your post!


katheria said...

thanks for the tag
i have a reason to blog today =)

Spring Blend said...

Hey Lady ..

1) ur soooo like me on this..i always wory about my decisions..and many times it turns out i was just over re-acting ; )

3) looool..really? woOowW..good anger-management or good-hiding skills u have?! :P.. and ur right..sometimes its jsut not worth to show it and hurt other over tiny bits of things

4) really..winteR? mmmm...maybe cuz we don't have a heavy winter?
u look like someone who gets cold easily..thats weird :D

7) really..?coffee? hmmm..i once tried it..i went once launch with a friend to disguSs "girls isuEES"..lool..just talking..i liked it actually..

8) hahahahaha..ur twin? looooool...soo cute ^_^

9) e7im..u sound like someone i know..
10) Ensha allah..why not? i really beleive in u : )

InteResting List..its weird how these tags can really make u know ur friends more

ThankS for Tagging me..will do the tag soon ensha Allah

Have a Lovely WeeK BoOKy : 0

Karamilah said...

loved ur list

Bookworm said...

Heya Mashmosh
Thanks hun!

Hi Chinese-eyes,
Sank ya =)

Heyy Sadoya,
LOL I totally totally dig the cold. My family jokes that I musta been born to Eskimos who were here for a holiday and got switched at birth.

Hala Kath,
You're welcome - Cant wait to read your list!

Hola Marmoosh,
good-hiding skills, loooool.

Yep, Im a winter person. I know, my grandma is always like please wear a sweater or something. And my mum is like God, i feel cold just looking at the clothes you wear in this weather, heh.

Ahh, I sound like someone you know? Hm..wonder who that is? :P

Thanks hun, you too have a great week!

Hiya Karamilah,
Thanks sweetie!

libero anima said...

aaaaaw that was very sweet of you ! =* ....

i once took a judo lesson .. and it was amazzing buti was too lazy to continue it =p .. so yeah it's great that ur learning karate ! ..

Venus said...

hi sis,
nice to see ppl from UAE around
jumping out of hapiness ;ddd
*new commentor ^^"

interesting list !!
# 2 i can tell ya that am a bookaholic and i feel like am married to ma books ^^"

#5 interesting!

#10 wow! i mean if udo hv el eradah enj tet3alameen a new language; for me i adore everythin related to italy; the history of the country,language,food,i've managed a time to learn italian even in college,i seize every minute
"for example the famous brand D&G means whut???
it means bitter and sweet ^^
pardon me am talktive ^^"
ur sisi

Miracle said...

Of course you're a daydreamer.. that's why you love ANNE :p

thanks for tagging me. I've just noticed that.

Bookworm said...

Hi libero anima,
Judo sounds interesting, hehe, I watched a couple of the judo olympics matches.

Heya Venus,
Ohh, another boolover =)
You're right, having the will and determination will certainly lead you to achieving your dreams. Its great your learning italian! I think its a beautiful languages. I love so many languages, but Spanish and Italian are right at the top of the list ;)

Thanks for passing hun

Heya Miracle,
Hehe, guess you're right. Anne and daydreaming go hand in hand. I left a comment about the tag on your blog but maybe you didn't see it ;)

Tuwams said...

i share the same fact.. the one about sports!

El Hazard said...

#'z 3 and 6 I didnt know :P

Lol @ #4. I'm the only one who walks around the house wearing 3 shirts, and still complains about how cold it is!

Bookworm said...

Heya Tuwams,
Cool, so another sport loving girl =)

Hey Elhazard,
lol me and social events don't go along very well..but yeah.

I know, you and winter..3 shirts? Just wear a knee length overcoat then, loool!

El Hazard said...

LOL, if I had such an overcoat I'd wear it on top of my 3 shirts =)

I'm thinking of getting a leather jacket, I've had a love affair with those for quite sometime now..

Belle said...

Hello =D
Let's see... 1,2,5,7,10 apply to me too =D

It's sweet of you not to show your anger...but even when I want to, I can't help it, and that's when I do get angry XD <-- mestawye barde el 2e5et XD

The twins one is so cute <3333 How was your reaction?

Thanks for the tag <3 I'll answer it inshaALlah in my dusty LJ account because I forgot how to use blogspot ^^;
I fail at online blogging XD

Bookworm said...

Oh gosh, I remember replying to those comments but I suppose blogger was feeling hungry.

Elhazard - leather jackets are always gonna be hip ;) You should get one, hehe. I used to have a red biker one, lol.

Heya Belle,
hehe, I would have left a message on your da account, but I keep forgetting to make an account to do that -_- and now they say its blocked.

Hehe, being bardeh is sometimes good. I'm working on that! Thanks for passing hun.