Friday, December 19, 2008

Mumbo Jumbo

It's great being back. Got back last friday, bumped into my aunt at the airport (she had just gotten back from hajj), and spent a somewhat bumbling busy week since.

Just a couple of more days before we start a new year. It's funny how time just flies by you. Where are all those seconds, minutes and hours going? I was never a new-year-resolution-making kinda girl. Whenever I had something I wanted to work on, I just plonked it on my to-do list. Sometimes things got scratched off, whilst other times they just sat there, staring at me from my to-do list. An angry frown on their faces, but oh well, some things are never meant to be.
This year, I'll make a list tho. Maybe it'll work?
I have been watching BBC Food religiously for quite some time now, trying out their recipes every now and then, and recently I got Nigella's cookbook. I tried several things and was quite happy with the results. I'm not a huge, adoring brownie fan, but I like them just fine. I seem, tho, to have perfected the art of eating them, rather than making 'em cuz I have tried seeeveral recipes over the past years and they all end in one of three:
1)- Swirly grey smoke inviting the nostrils to make a hasty visit to the kitchen (circa 2002, burnt to a crisp, but I'm happy to say that the kitchen was unharmed contrary to first impressions).
2)- Use of wrong baking pans (circa 2004, I used a much smaller one than needed and for some reason the thing was unbakeable, stubborn to all those extra minutes I stuck it in the oven).
3)- Strict adherence to recipe rules, but ultimate failure all the same (circa 1999-present, now tell me, why is that?)
So you can probably understand my feelings of imminent failure at the end result of my brownie baking yesterday. Miraclously tho, the brownies turned out great. I had to leave them an extra 7 minutes (7, no more, no less) and they are being eaten sporadically by the members of this esteemed household. I'm quite proud of my brownie achievement. A round of applause, please?
Baking has some bad ass therapeutic effects. All that beating, folding and mixing gives one a great opportunity in talking to I. And if you're angry, why, you can just forget about the electric mixer and do all the mixing manually. Just make sure not to cause a whirlwind and splatter dough all over the place. Mothers wouldn't be too pleased about that.