Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yet More Books

So, yes, I got yet another copy of Anne of Green Gables. I just couldn't help myself, and although my friend did sincerely try to stop me, I'm afraid she wasn't very succesful. I can't wait to read all the Anne books again. You see, I don't have my old Anne books anymore; I lent them to someone a couple of years ago, but I don't know who! Of course, it doesn't matter much since I practically know them word for word. I ordered the series again from amazon and I have to make the crisp new pages fit in with my well worn favorites.
I've been having very weird dreams lately. As soon as I wake up, all I see is a fleeting image of what had been going on in dreamland; I don't quite remember what the dream was. Sort of like having a word at the tip of your tongue and then loosing it. School, uni, exams, and white pictures throb in my brain in the few seconds between opening my eyes and actually being awake. I suppose it's the time of the year when I usually have to go to the zoo and maybe that's why the recurrent dreams still make an appearance. Probably also, the transition to a working girl status - one that hasn't been confirmed yet - is taking up more of my thoughts than I thought.
I made a deal with myself. I am not going to worry and fret if I don't get a job. Afterall, sooner or later, they will need a math teacher, and they will let me know (inshaAlla). In the meantime, I am going to laze around like I fully deserve to. I can't recall having a week to myself in the past 5 years! Not one week where I could sleep till 10 (yes, 10 AM, Im usually up by 7/8 by force or choice). First it was moving here, changing schools, and living a nightmare of a 12th grade. If it wasn't school work, it was the uni's club work, or my own million extra curricular activities, or of course, the several courses I sign up for at the Ladies club. It's true that I'm mostly to blame for that, but when you feel like you're in a race with time, you start being afraid of never having the time to do things you like and you start piling everthing you can think of in a mere 24 hours. The only thing I really want to do in the upcoming 6 months is to enroll in a quran school. I have been saying I would, but their timing was wrong for me before and I never looked for another one. This time hopefully, I'll finally do it and get back to my memorising. Be2thenAllah.
Besides, if my internship taught me anything it's that being a teacher is going to completely drain me of all my energy and leave me panting with a negative 1000 energy level. Now, tell me, is that something to look forward to after years of constantly being on the move? Those poor old souls at the ministry probably took pity on me, and said they'd give me a sem off to regain my diesel. They can always call me by the second semester and if they don't do that then, they will find a very disgruntled math teacher sprouting off obscene math formulas at their door by January 09.


El Hazard said...

I really laughed at the thought of you sleeping in till 10 =P It seems virtually impossible and I'm 9.99% sure ur conscience wouldn't allow you to do such a thing, LOL.

I vaguely recall u lending me Anne, but it was one of the books I returned half read. No crime in buying another copy, we all have to indulge in some sort of guilty pleasure from time to time ;)

El Hazard said...

LOL, yes, that 'point' is in the wrong place. (99.9% was what I was attempting to write)

Bookworm said...

heh, elhazard, sleeping in till 10 is what I dream of every single morning I have to wake the little brothers. I say "ok, when I get back home I'll sleep" and of course I never do.

Yeah, I think I tried making you read it several times! But I never succeeded :P Btw, your sis likes it too ;)

El Hazard said...

Wahlaylich, its through no fault of yours or Anne's =P My sis likes lots of things and rarely do we ever agree on specifics (lol cuz u like to say we both like books, but when I do read I prefer modern literature. She likes classics and goth type works.)

Spring Blend said...


about not having time for ur self for the pasT 5 years..u mgiht be right..but masha Allah i always thoguht what a hunter u were..cuz u signed for different courses and sports and i feel in the future there might not be as much time as now to do the things that u LoVe soo good 4 u :D masha Allah

about the job..don't worry..ensha allah khair..enty qadmy akthar min mkaan and and ensha Allah they will call u sooon..mean time..try to enjoY ur freedoOm :D

yalla dEar..Have FuuN ^__^

Spring Blend said...

oh hey..

ur bookS:

"Peony in Love by Lisa See
The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani "

the TitlE CaptuRed My Heart looool..can u tell me about them..r they interesting ?

Bookworm said...

Hey Springblend,

Thats why I signed up for everything, cuz I felt i would never have the opportunity again..but frankly, I am tired. And if ur tired, there's no use in signing up for things cuz you just wont enjoy them. And now, since I'm unemployed, instead of bemoaning my luck, I can sit back and relax for a bit.

About the job, yeah, I prayed that watever is best happens and I guess a break for now is good. Basically all I want to do is teach so there's only one place I can apply to and thats the ministry of Education and I already did that ;) But thanks hun

I will review those books in a post soon so watch out ;) I finished the blood of flowers the other day bt I havent finished peony yet. Whatchya reading nowadays?

Belle said...

It's great to know that you're finally taking a break =D MashAllah Allah ye7fath-ch I'm so proud of you nfor not giving up on what you've signed up before =)
But now is your time ^^ Lazing-out can become a healthy hobby XD & the best is when you have a book by your side at that time too XD Barkeeli I became a bookworm again :D <-- is very proud of herself XD I'll tell you later about the book that started it all =) Mabrook 3eleech el shahar <33

Bookworm said...

MABROOOOOOOOOOK..i think ppl in AD heard that scream just now. Some might have even thought it was athan time, lol. :P

Im curious, so wat's ur book? We have to catch up, neh, its been sooo long since we really had a talk/call/email!

Hooray for laziness!

Belle said...

Arigatouuuu =D Yeah we have to catch up XD I don't know when to call since it's Ramadan ^^; I'll send you a long email inshAllah today or tomorrow so be prepared XD
The book is "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer =) I think that you've already heard about it by now ^^

Bookworm said...

Ok! I'll be waiting for that email then ;) and u can call anytime, hehe, I function from 9 - 12 :p

Twilight! yeah, i know the book. I read the first two parts of the saga last year. They're 4 books altogether, me thinks. I also hear they're also making a movie of it.