Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some Zzzs

It is the mark of old age when a person finds himself embarking on a nostalgic journey upon learning it was his birthday. Indeed, the fact that the person had not realized it was his birthday tells us much about said person's grey cells. Or shall we say, what remains of them.

"I am sixteen, going on seventeen" The Sound of Music has always been a fav of mine. Too bad those lyrics don't quite work out for 21 and 22. Yes, I'm getting old. I turned 22 today. Maybe from now on, I'll just forget all about my birthday (like I need any help with that, I was so engrossed in getting the capstone ready I didnt realize that it was my b-day till I saw my friend's msg).
One more day, and uni will be my home no more. I have a final on Sunday, and hopefully, I'll be travelling on the same day (evening). I'll have a month to myself, no activities, no commitments, no practice, no nothing. It's strange thinking about a month of nothingness, I usually have at least one or two things I have to rush over to. I'll make the most of it inshaAlla, I want to have fun, relax and just avoid commitments and deadlines for a while.
As for the rest of summer, I have a job teaching karate again. I have no idea why I agreed to it, but let's hope it goes along fine. I sent my CV to a place that needed teachers for the summer, and maybe I'll get lucky. So basically my plans for July/August are:
- Work at the Club.
- Start the level 3 German courses.
- Get back to all my past activities: karate, figure skating, tennis.
- WATCH ANIME: I need to get reaquainted with this ol' pal.
- Read!
- Job hunt.
- Submit the paper work for my masters.
- Have Fun.


katheria said...

For some reason the comments I write on your blog disappear :(

Sorry for forgetting your bday... Happy Birthday! (belated)

Hope you get to teach at that summer place! Good luck!

Bookworm said...

Oh that's weird. Maybe there's a glitch with blogger.

Thanks! Good luck to you too.

Belle said...

I LOVE the way that you've started this post XD very artistic mashAllah =3

22 isn't that don't feel any different, but society does XD 22....sounds romantic (2 twos) but is still...XD

mashAllah! Karate teacher! That's amazing <333 I hope that you get the job for the summer =D

& I have to say that I'm so proud of you for choosing to continue masters studies =) Have yoy chosen your field? I too considered it & I'll continue with translation inshAllah =) but in 2009 (itha Allah raad)...everyone needs a holiday to be lazy in XD

neways, I hope that you enjoy the "free" time =)<3

Bookworm said...

Thanks sweetie ;)

I kinda regret agreeing to be a karate teacher now. I did a stint at the club last summer and well, a room full of hyper kids at 9 in the morning? hehe. Im sure itll pass by tho!

Oooh, thats great news. Im glad ur continuing ur education and translation sounds kewl. My parents are actually pushing me to get a degree in trans. but this other masters degree completely won me over. InshaAlla ill be doing my masters in education leadership - wasupposed to start in sept, bt the courses were moved to feb. So ill be startin in 2009 as well inshaAlla ;)

Belle said...

Great news mashAllah! & sub7anAllah I never imagined continuing in this field either xD