Monday, June 02, 2008

Graduation Day

The day finally arrived. After four years of uni, I finally graduated. I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm just overwhelmed with so many feelings - and at the same time, my mind doesn't really want to believe that I've actually finished. A part of me thinks that come september '08, I would find myself lugging my laptop bag and math books and enter the zoo yet again.
The ceremony was awesome. It's true I didn't get the chance to wear a real cap and gown, but the wonderful blue sashes were pretty rad. Throughout the event, I kept thinkng of how many graduations I had MC-ed, of how many I had planned along with the college and how many I had seen. This time, it was my graduation party. And yet, I wanted to dash out of my chair and stand with the rest of the club girls and pretend I was hosting this event yet again.
My graduation speech. I've always wanted to be the graduate speaker and jumped at the chance when they asked me. This time however, I was giving a speech in Arabic, and as I sat there in the auditorium, I cursed myself for agreeing to do it. I know everyone feels a tad nervous, it's only normal, but I was going to recite a poem. I knew I had to say it 'artistically' so to speak, and wasn't sure I could pull that off.
I had to change schools seven times, in four different countries. The mothership was the only place I had spent 4 consecutive years in. Will I miss it? I already do.
I'm not going to spend the rest of this post lamenting my loss. Those four years had their ups and downs, they seemed too long at some point, and now they feel like they passed in a blink. I had never intended to enter the zoo and you can say I changed my mind from the uni of my choice on a whim. Impulsive even, perhaps. I knew no one on day 1, but I made great friends along the way, and I only hope that we remain friends.
And Tinker-bell, you have no idea how much you being there meant to me! I would have completely understood if you hadn't been able to make it, and yet you came. I'm so glad I met you, and I have you to thank for - for introducing me to the EducationClub. That club was my savior on so many occasions. It was hard to part w/ the club, but in my mind, you, me, and the gang will always be club members. Thanks Tinks for everything -- I hope we always remain friends.
To end on a different note. It's true that I graduated, but I still have one more final to go. Yes, in this place we have our cake before baking it. I still have one more day at dear mothership, June 8th. Then, they'll grab me by my abaya, swing me around and hurl me all the way back to sharjah.


***TinKer BeLL*** said...

Yippeee! You're out of the ZOO!

*sniff sniff* I can totally understand how hard it is to leave such a wonderful place that has always made 'me' feel secure, and where I was able to exlode with creativity and endless ambitions. You will always remember the zoo..always..and believe is such a pinky world compared to what out there--reality.

As for the graduation, it ROCKED! But whats even more amazing, was your speech. I LOVED the fact that it was in Arabic. It gave this sense of belonging that we miss nowadays. It truely left me with tears :)

AND the club. Wow. It transformed from just a 'something' into a very amazing thing. I struggled so so hard to begin with tiny little steps. You took over and made my dream come true.

FINALLY---you made it! I wish you all the best my dearest friend :) You made it through, and you also proved yourself and what you are capable of. A person who can not only touch the future, but make a change that could create a totally new future. We will always keep in touch :) *hugs*

Bookworm said...

Hey Tinks!
Thanks hun ;) - I was pretty nervous about the speech and that's a first. I usually feel a tad uncomfortable, but never felt like this before. o.o

I'm so glad I found girls to handle the club. It would have completely broken my heart if the club were to 'die' after all the hard word. I have a feeling it's gonna be one of those really old clubs of zu, who knows, it might turn into a sorority thing! lol

Yep, we'll always keep in touch inshaAlla ;) Thanks for being there.

Belle said...

*cries along*
I'm sorry for not stopping by your blog for a while T_T
This post made drained my spirit XD But at the same time I was happy to know that YOU got the commencement speech (and in Arabic, mashAllah) =)

I wish I could say something nice & comforting but all the encouraging words left on a holiday XD

Allah ywafgech yarab fi 7ayat el graduate =D
(can you believe that?) XD

Bookworm said...

thanks hun!
I totally understand what you mean, hehe.

I wish you all the best too *hugs*