Saturday, March 29, 2008

On Books

Well, I just finished the final chapter of "Diplomatic Baggage". I have tried to stretch it like nylon leggin's, but it can't be stretched any further. The book is positively delicious, and not just because reading about the many adventures the author had was interesting, but also, and mainly, because of the humour that punctuated every couple of pages. I read the book, not for political insights, just for the sheer pleasure of reading something light, fun and airy again. I haven't been reading much lately, but this book has definitely sparked my interest in gobbling up books again. It's such a short read unfortunately, I wish there were more chapters.
I horribly failed that 100 book challenge, as you can see, today marks a year and I've only managed 56 books. I read once that a person reads 50 books on average per year, so I haven't really challenged myself at all. Anyway, I will see how many books I'll be able to read this year.
Hm, I seem to be big on posts these days. I suppose it has nothing to do with the papers and books piled on my desk and every other flat surface in my room.


Belle said...

I went over some of your list...& I've got to say mashAllah 3eleech well done ^^ 1/2 is better than nothing ;)

Some novels look of my friends did a presentation on "A Sky So Close by Betool Khedairi" in postcolonial literature class...brings back memories ^^

I'm glad that you enjoyed the book you were reading =)
I prefer to either read happy books or not read at all <-- shufi el dala3 bs XD

katheria said...

Now that's a book I may want to read!

Hope you can read more this upcoming year =)

Bookworm said...

Hey Belle,
Oh, I got Betool's book from saudi during summer, I didn't enjoy it much tho. I had expected it to be different.

lol, i think sad endings are the ones the grip me more. I love happy endings, and whenever I come across sad endings I regret the moment I saw the book, but in all truth the sad ones are the ones that stay in mind long after I finsh them.

Diplomatic baggage is a 'happy' book, maybe you should give it a try! =)

Hiya katheria,
I'm done w/ the book, shall I send it over?

Thanks hun!

Belle said...

ohhh!! no wonder many shoujo manga (for girls) are full of tears XD lol shu y5e9a XD

But I read somewhere that women like heartbreaking stories (find them more touching)
It kind of stays with you ne ^^

Bookworm said...

hehe, altho I used to hate sad endings ( and I still do - in movies), they've kind of grown on me in books. So I suppose that's true ;)

And I'm sure they took that in mind when they made shoujo manga so akeed y5e9a!