Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tabula Rasa

It's time for knuckle crackin'. Time for muscle flexin'. Time for teeth barring. You hear the ear shattering fighting yowl? It's time people. Time to be a Teacher, cross your ts and dot your is and js from now on, for I shall don my black rimmed spectacles and play the part. Now that I know which school I'm going to (a model elementary and middle gov school in dubai), and know which grade I'm going to teach (all the grade five sections, I think they're four or five altogether), I feel somewhat calmer than before. My heart has stopped going 320km per second (its more like 220km/sec) and I actually feel eager to start. Very much so. I was hoping to teach grade 7 or 8, but I'm still happy with what they gave me. It'll be my first time teaching (or being in) a government school, but I'm glad they didn't put me in some private school. I've already taught in two private schools before, plus, they do say that government teachers are more qualified (they don't just employ anyone - you have to have an edu background). So far, I only have one tiny complaint: the school day starts at 7.30 and ends at 2.15. That means I prolly have to leave the house at 6.20. It's not so bad I suppose, it's just that I've been somewhat spoilt last sem with classes that started at 9am. Oh! and they've made some sort of community blog for us zoo students and we are supposed to be posting our reflections thru the blog/commenting instead of using blackboard or regular email. I like the idea.

My capstone. I don't know how I'm going to work on that and do my internship work at the same time. I didn't join the 14 member group, but I'm still in a group. We're 4 girls, all math students - I feel comfortable working with this group so I have no worries there. I know I said I wanted to do something on my own, but our supervisor told us that there was no time for individual work. There are only two other groups working on their capstones besides us and they both have 12-14 members, so 4 is actually pretty decent compared to that.
In other, non school news: My sit spin! Ok, ok, it's not complete yet, but I asked my coach for tips on Tuesday and for once she gave me her full, undivided attention. I can get really low now, and the spin's centered. What I need to work on is getting up from my spin w/o going on my toe and straightening my extended leg (it wraps itself on my basic leg which makes me fall either flat on my face or to the side).
I had a day off last week so I went to Magrudys. I was planning on getting some tweed wool to make this shawl I saw. Unfortunately they only had one ball of the wool I wanted and I need 17 balls. I placed an order for more wool and decided that it couldn't hurt if I just popped in the books section. "Eat, Pray & Love" was one of the books I got. I couldn't decide if it were one of those extrememly superficial, phony books that sneak on the bestseller's list or an authentic kindred soul. There was only one way to figure that out and that was by r-e-a-d-i-n-g it.
I made two batches of monte carlo biscuits the other day. I didn't have the ingredients for the cream so they seem more like cookies now. Add another fork smudge and they would almost look like peanut butter cookies.


El Hazard said...

You're a great math teacher, IMHO, and inshalla I hope your students and supervisor/mentor/whatever the person in charge of ur intership is called, feels the same way about your teaching skills.

When you guys do ur internships you don't have to go to uni for classes or anything? So it's just like having a real job already only u don't get paid?

U'r right about those cookies looking like peanut butter cookies. They look good!


Bookworm said...

Yeah, we don't have to go to uni for classes when we're doing internship. So I guess it is like a job.