Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sun in a Jar

I got sunburnt today. My arms are bright red and feel like they have heat trapped under the skin. I guess four hours and a half under the sun would do that to ya. We had the tennis 'fun' day today, and altho the weather was windy, the sun decided to pay us her respects. Thank God I had the mind to get a cap w/ me, tho my cheeks are a bit sunburnt as well. I've never had the urge to soak up UV rays so this is a first for me - I can't say I'd do it again. Not very comfortable if you know what I mean.

I was rooting thru my boxes yesterday when I came across some notes I had when I was in 3rd grade. Apparantly, I wanted to be a teacher back then; and get this, I used to think I was best at math. It's kind of funny now, since I don't even remember ever wanting that.
One last week and then I'll be heading to the mother ship. My sched is decent me thinks, but it'll only last for 4 or 5 weeks and then I'll be chucked at some school in dubai. I haven't given my capstone project much thought, I'm still waiting to dream up my project. Wouldn't that just be great?
I'm no where near perfect, but it irks me beyond belief to see people diss others or talk about others' shortcomings when they themselves engage in the same actions. Is it some psychological thing? they hate that in themselves, deny it, and see it in other people? I hope I never ever do that.
In other news, I got my brown belt in karate today. I'm happy el7mdilla; been enjoying karate more than a couple of months ago lately. Although I still yearn for the days when I had just started the sports - when you're doing something you love with close friends it's just different I guess. And altho I haven't seen the karate gang of yore in some time (well, ever since I moved here, except for one of the girls), I know some of them have continued on. One is actually a karate sensei - I met up with herher last summer. She came to dxb for a tournament. Those days were honestly the best. Two moved abroad for university and one is a med student and practices during summer. I wonder where we'll all be in ten years time.

Some caricatures I found in that box along with my notes. The bespectackled fellow was my 12th grade english teacher and the other was the physics. 12th grade - a bus from the school I went to passed by our car today. Although I only went to that school for a year, I don't think I'll ever forget it. Scarred for life I'm afraid. Speaking of which, almost everything I owned before 12th grade was shoved in huge, black garbage bags. Soveiners, trinkets, letters, clothes, bags, books even - I guess I wanted to get rid of all the memories. Cleansing, in a way. Anything I didn't get rid of was kept in a medium sized box (its not even full). Sometimes I regret throwing away certain objects, but I guess I wasn't being logical back then.


katheria said...

It's pretty cool that you got to learn to be the same thing you used to want.

Congrads on your brown belt, by the way!

Bookworm said...

I find it weird. But it made 'accept' my major and everything more..I mean, I still want genetics and if I ever get an opportunity, I'd go for it. But now, I think I truly can say I love where I'm at..


El Hazard said...

Cute pics ;) especially the ones from 3rd grade lol.

Inshalla u'll come up with a great capstone project =)

Bookworm said...

heh, thanks.

I hope so!

***TinKer BeLL*** said...

Very sweet! We've got similarities =P I have my diary from grade 3, with the same exact answers! Except that I didn't grow up to be a Math teacher =)im sure ull turn out to be a lovely petitte teacher!

And don't worry about the capstone, im sure 'THE' idea will pop up. Just keep on reading and researching..coz it helps a lot. Make sure you don't freak out or stress about it ;) BEST WISHES

Bookworm said...

Wow, tinks! U wanted to be a math teacher as well? :P

Hm, I'm going to get some books for researching outta the library next week. Maybe something in the books will trigger an idea! Thanks for the tip hun.

Spring-Rain said...

hey hey BOoKY BOOooKY

Nice posT :D

didn't u have ur sunscreen on? lah lah shoo hayda?!!!

YaaY..Booky..isn't that AmaZinG? u BecAme ur childhood's Dream..loool..woOoW..i mean that is SoO weird and amazing..masha Allah and el7amde Allah el7amde Allah that u said " u Love where u are at now.." SOoo coooool

MabROooooK 3al 7ezam el bunny ya benty ..klelelleleleleee

yeah..sometimes we throw or don't pay much attention to some objectives and then regret it but i guess that teaches us something along the way : ) MistaKeS makes us learN and GroW..right :D?

about the capstome..oh too..Insha Allah 5air..reading and researching about it is a very good Step..i should start doing that ^_^

BesT WishEs Dear.. ^____^What a Lovely Teacher u will Be..I mean iT..really insha Allah : )

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Bookworm said...

Hey Spring-blend!
I had regular cream on but that didn't help. I burn easily and besides it wasn't supposed to be sunny (the day after the 'storm')

Allah eybarek feech! thanksss!

Yeah, I guess we should start researching, if not now when :P (prolly a week b4 the deadline where im concerned - hopefully not!) Allah ewafgich with your capstone and internship as well!

I hope I do well as a teacher - thanks for the good wishes!

Take care hun =)