Friday, February 08, 2008

In Memory

Books have always been a part of my life - I can't remember a time when I didn't read or was being read to. True friends, compadres in arms, saviors. I've been tidying up my room and bookshelves when I decided to visit some childhood favorites. I've given away most of my childhood books - but I still have some stored in my little brothers' study. I was looking for my old hardcover copies of Mallory Towers and St.Clare's but couldn't find them (They used to air the anime adaptation of the twins at St.Clare's here ). I was such a fan of Enid Blyton books - the secret seven, famous five, the short stories about goblins and elves. I could go on; sometimes I wish if I could read now as much as I used to. There's so much I want to read, so much I need to read, but there never seems enough time.
Ever since they changed the weekend to Friday-Saturday, I've found that Fridays lost their air of gloom. Fridays used to be so depressing, so unbearable (because we had school the day after), but now they seem pretty good in comparison. Almost cheerful.
In memory of old friends, old acquaintances. In memory of a Friday I won't forget. In memory of childhood memories and childhood friends that are no more.
My last weekend of the holidays - school starts in a mere 2 days. I wonder how many surprises this last semester has for me. Hopefully good surprises only. Last Term at the Ship of the Desert - I want it to have the midnight feasts, the pranks, the achievments of Mallory Towers and St.Clares.


Spring-Rain said...

Best WIshes and Have a BeauTiful SemesTer filled with HapPineSs..ExcellencE and LoveLy Memories Ensha Allah : )

HoOpE to see you soon ^_____^

Bookworm said...

Thanks hun! I hope you have a great semester as well and a wonderful internship experience =)

Elghala Kelah said...

you remind me of myself
i love my old stories i keep them all in our childhood house which i miss so much
nice blog keep it up

Bookworm said...

Hala eb elghala kelah,

Thanks sweetie! I'm going to hop over to your blog now to check it out ;) I like ur profile pic btw