Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Once Upon a December..

Last night, I had a good long post, peppered with blasphemy and swear words: a borderline rant I'd say. Blogger decided to shift things and my post is lost in the void now. Anyho, I'm glad about that. They always say wait until you're calm before talking, judging things (or however that saying goes).
I think Im going to finish part 1 of the second book tonight. Somehow I found myself nearly 3/4 into the book when I reached uni today. I didn't feel the long drive there at all. It really is the type of book that demands all your attention. I wish if I could leave everything and go with them. I've dealt with human trollocs so it can't be that hard for the well trained.
My heart aches for winter. I need rain, green grass. Cold, freezing weather. Snow. Maybe its weird, but my favorite two seasons are Autumn and Winter. I love spring and summer, but it's just not the same. It has nothing to do w/ the weather in this place of the world. I know each season has its own charm. Spring flirts with the soul like no other. But Autumn and winter are of a different world. They sing to me in a language no one understands. Old friends I will always miss. I may sound wacko, talking like this, but forgive me. I'm mourning my loss.
I can feel the cloud coming, in fact, it's already here. Instead of being terrified, I'm actually very ready. There was only one good outcome before, and so, I can count on that at least.
Ok, so who remembers the song in Anastasia? Once Upon a December..I can still hear it in my mind. I read the royal diaries version of her life story several years back, and maybe now I'll get an adult version of Russian History. When I finish uni, I'm going to sink, willingly, under all the history books I can find. Speaking of history, grandfather promised me a book. I'll have to remind him tomorrow ;p
Well, that's the end. The rest will be written in invisible ink (Enid blyton anyone?).