Saturday, November 24, 2007


"I love you as much as I love my mother" - that's what my six year old brother told me yesterday. Last week wasn't so good for me and I guess I was feeling down, but when he said that I felt so much better. Little kids are the best kind of therapy wAllah.
So this week I have two exams, a couple of meetings, my linear algebra project, submitting the first draft of my math edu project, and national day. I can't wait for the 29th. 5 pm to be exact. We'll have a four day weekend and that's certainly something to look forward to.
Fantasy. I can't believe I ever stopped reading this genre. True, its usually goes along these lines: a trek to find something/someone, add adventures and mystical creatures along the way. To make the suspense grow, let someone follow the heros, evil creatures that want what they have. So its all about the journey, the destination, the character growth. The Wheel of Time series is pretty interesting, altho I only finished book 1 so far. I like the writing style, the depth of characters, the details, the creativity, the everything. In love, you think? Jordan is pretty good, maybe if I read some more, I'll be able to really see if I can compare him to Tolkein.
I'm afraid to say I got more books this week. About 10. I am so ashamed of myself. I SAID I WONT. Where did my will power go to?
I went to this creative writing worksop in Magrudys on Tuesday, I only stayed for an hour, but I was mesmerized. I was so engrossed I thought I had spent 5 minutes there, the guy had a way with the audience. I guess him being an actor and a writer had a thing or two to do with that. I defintely want to go to more workshops like that.

I went to Mall of the Emirates with the club members last mon. We had to finish a project we had started with cafe ceramique A YEAR ago. I had been calling the cafe all summer and after asking my advisor to help me with them, they finally cooperated with us. I hate them, but I couldn't ignore the project since so many other people outside the club were involved. It took a lotta time and effort to deal with those folks but I hope that everything's resolved now. Apples are apparently a symbol of education, but because we had to use that symbol in various events, I got fed up with the fruit. So anyway, we always have 'discussions' about using apples in upcoming events in the college/club and I'm always the first one to say: NO..with 36 tiles to color I decided to give apples a chance. Last one.

I'm kind of tired and I have a ton of stuff to do, the main task being arranging my room. I might ditch everything and just sleep in my new red hello kitty pjs. Ah, zzz


Spring-Rain said...

hi..i miss you..i know i saw u today for few secs. :D

this was an interesting post..good job :D

when i saw love..i said..oh bookworm is going to talk about love? hehe

ya kids are wodnerful..i can`t stop stretching their cheecks..cooochy moochy.koochy :P

best wishes with ur exams and projects ^_^ Allah yesahel 3leena ajma3een Ameeen.

u got my attention on the workshop thing..who was the guy? and what was the topic..i am sooooooo curious..its great that u enjoyed ^_^el7amde Allah

u should not be ashamed as long as u will read those lil books of urs :D

ohhhhh..finaaaaaaaaly..those cafe ceramiques..i am waiting to see mine :D

apple apple apple..i know what u mean when u say u got fedupbut maybe it is better sometimes because u guys will be remembered whenever an apple is around or whenever the logo is used..

take care : ) sorry i know i talk too much what can i do? :D

Bookworm said...

spring blend, tsk tsk, wat did you think I was gonna talk about :p
3eib ya bint :P:P

thanks wAllah, Allah yewafgich you too hun

The guy's namez Nick Warburton, he's an author, actor and screenwriter. Magrudys held a creative writing workshop, or seminar since it was so short last week.

yeah, wAllah im so ashamed about the ceramique thing. sorry it took so long. those ppl >.< Ill tell you as soon as they get it to uni ;)

You DONT talk too much!

Miss ya too!!