Sunday, October 07, 2007

Memento Mori

I've been thinking, when I turn 30 (inshaAlla) will I still be watching drama and anime? Would I hide that fact from people around me and see it as a guilty pleasure? Well, the actors in dramas nowadays are getting younger, which may be saying something about folks my age. This question of 'acting your age' is always going to plague me; when I was a kid, I always tried to be more mature about stuff, and in retrospect, I think I missed on some major 'kid' events because of that. I guess I just want to give each age it's due, and stay true to what I like without having other people's judgement cloud my own.
And yes, I'm finally happy that people always mistake my looks for that of a much younger person. I mean, I think I'll be happy if ppl tell me I look 22 when I'm 30 (I get "are you 14?" a lot, and I'm 21). I just hope that this 'looking younger' thing doesn't disappear now that I've finally come to terms with it.
I managed to "make the furniture run" - as my mum is fond of saying - in my room. I wasn't bored with the old places of things, but the room was getting untidy and I thought that since I was going to invest the time in tidying it up, I should just give it a new feel. I also forced the furniture in my younger brothers' room to "run".
I saw a pic of a bookcase that had all the books arranged color-wise. I'm tempted to do that in my bookcase as well, altho I'm worried I won't be able to find anything. I've tried alphabetically before, and didnt like that. I also tried arranging them size-wise, but that wasn't very practical. I have my books in genre-wise now, and each genre is arranged size-wise (and then alpha-wise, don't ask how, it's easy but hard to explain).
I really don't want to go back to sleep (been awake since 4 AM) and that's why I'm posting. I'll go shower in a while. Then do some useless stuff. Or useful.
I'm craving pizza right now. I used to really like pizza, but then I went through a phase where it was the only thing I ate, and that undying passion turned to pure hatred. It reached a point where the idea of eating a slice of pizza would have my stomach turn in disgust; I'd almost throw up. Now, I only eat our home-made pizzas, and like once in a blue moon. The idea of a greasy, margarita slice of pizza from pizza hut doesn't sound as disgusting as it used to, but I bet that by ftoor time I'd suddenly remember every single bad-tasting pizza I've ever had. So, yeah, no pizza for me.


katheria said...

What does Memento Mori mean?

Bookworm said...

It's latin for "Remember you're mortal".

Belle said...

eh I too missed on the childish stuff ^^ mostly in high school -_-

Lol about the anime & dramas..that's what I was wondering too XD I won't be able to stay up to date with the latest dramas but I do want to keep watching them ^^

Anime-makers are in their late 20s & 30s so anime (and manga) is fine ^^ You might be more selective about the dramas may not look appealing to you..but there's always a variety of storyes ^^ especially in Jdramas (since Kdramas have far-fetched and repetitive themes..& I'm only saying this after watching 3-4 Korean dramas) XD

hmm...I'd like to be a child at heart forever ^^ hehe I love Hello Kitty stuff & other "childish" stuff..I get some wierd looks from my some "guilty" pleasures shouldn't be known to the public, ne XD

Bookworm said...

Hehe..A child at heart (kodomo is the jap word for child, neh?) I like to think that way too.

I think we should form a drama/anime gang, then we could just pour our hearts out when we're together and act as mature, sophisticated working gals in public :P