Friday, May 18, 2007

Gilmore No More

So Gilmore Girls is over. Finito. I watched the season finale yesterday. What a series. I mean, it's the only series I ever watched from a - z. I actually spent several, maybe a hundred or so hours watching the show. I got caught up with Lorelai and Rory, related to lots of parts and enjoyed the refrences that were bound to be in each episode. It was a show after me own heart (I feel like a mother talking about her kid!). I loved Gilmore Girls ever since I first watched it; I was prolly around 15, and after flipping through the channels for hours I happened about one of the first eps of GG on America Plus. I liked it then, but never really got into it till I bought the dvds (One of the reasons I hate series is the looooong wait for eps and seasons to come out). Season seven was not what I had wanted it to be. It felt like a mexican show produced in Bollywood by an overzealous korean producer. They crammed a lot of useless stuff in it and gave it a jab or two in the wrong place. The last two episodes were probably the only good ones in the whole season 7 imo, and I totally loved the last scene. I wish things were definitely resolved though instead of having them up in the air, each to his/her own imagination. I was teasing two of my friends the other day, they're pretty hooked on 'Prison Break' and were moaning over something that had happened in the last ep they had seen. I told them that I never get that engrossed in a show. Guess I was wrong. I don't want to watch any other show now tho, cuz you never get what you want. The directors change, the writers kill people off and the producers butcher everything.
*sniffles* I won't be visiting spoilerfix anymore now - sad =(
Adios GG, it was great while it lasted.
(sends evil magical vibes to seventh season's writer - noob)