Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Samurai's Garden

Some books I had ordered finally arrived at Mags. I just can't wait to get them! Magrudys (& Borders) are my only saviors right now. My credit card just won't work! I've been trying to use it for like 8 months, and actually sent it to the incompetent bank for a 'check up'. Anyways, I'm going to email the director a lengthy email today telling him exactly what I think of his establishment and his great customer service. I'll close all my accounts in that back and switch to the one I usually use. Then, amazon will really be only a click away, inshaAlla.
I spent yesterday morning reading 'The Samurai's Garden' & I just couldn't stop till I reached the last page. I've read a book by the same author a couple of years ago and I remember that I had loved it. This is another great one. I liked the journal entries in the novel, and I loved how the story unfolded. And I absolutely fell for the wisdom in it. There's something that I will never forget. A girl was expected to commit seppuku in the book and couldn't, and then she runs away because she can't bear to let her family know how she dishonored them by living. Someone then tells her this: "It takes greater courage to live". And that really made me think about Bushido - the Samurai's Way. I mean, it used to be that they had to kill themselves when they dishonored their master in any way. I never thought of it as the easy way out, I always thought of it as they wanted us to believe. That it was the highest decree of restoring honor and obeying their master. But really, it is like running away. Bearing whatever the dishonorable deed is and facing life would have been really too arduous to even think of. I mean, imagine what it must be like for a samurai who not only dishonered his master, but didn't commit seppuku. Being shunned by people, having no clan or tribe, being a nothing, really. Living such a life would be deemed as useless, would be so depressing and agonizing that some might see it as punishment enough for any deed. Facing the problem, the people and trying to make things right if possible does take greater courage. I loved that line, it literally redifined Bushido in my mind.
Altho I enojoyed the book immensly, I think that the book I had previously read was of a much better style. I've become quite picky about writing styles now and sometimes I find that I can't complete a book because of it's lack of originality and deformed style. The samurai's garden isn't like that tho! Its inspirational.
I always manage to distract myself with books, gardening, movies when I have projects/finals. Eh, I guess it's inevitable.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gilmore No More

So Gilmore Girls is over. Finito. I watched the season finale yesterday. What a series. I mean, it's the only series I ever watched from a - z. I actually spent several, maybe a hundred or so hours watching the show. I got caught up with Lorelai and Rory, related to lots of parts and enjoyed the refrences that were bound to be in each episode. It was a show after me own heart (I feel like a mother talking about her kid!). I loved Gilmore Girls ever since I first watched it; I was prolly around 15, and after flipping through the channels for hours I happened about one of the first eps of GG on America Plus. I liked it then, but never really got into it till I bought the dvds (One of the reasons I hate series is the looooong wait for eps and seasons to come out). Season seven was not what I had wanted it to be. It felt like a mexican show produced in Bollywood by an overzealous korean producer. They crammed a lot of useless stuff in it and gave it a jab or two in the wrong place. The last two episodes were probably the only good ones in the whole season 7 imo, and I totally loved the last scene. I wish things were definitely resolved though instead of having them up in the air, each to his/her own imagination. I was teasing two of my friends the other day, they're pretty hooked on 'Prison Break' and were moaning over something that had happened in the last ep they had seen. I told them that I never get that engrossed in a show. Guess I was wrong. I don't want to watch any other show now tho, cuz you never get what you want. The directors change, the writers kill people off and the producers butcher everything.
*sniffles* I won't be visiting spoilerfix anymore now - sad =(
Adios GG, it was great while it lasted.
(sends evil magical vibes to seventh season's writer - noob)