Saturday, February 17, 2007


I need to pay a visit to the bookstore asap. Need files, folders, and pens. I also need an easel. I decided to stop art classes this sem, but unfortunately I can't stop my urges to dabble w/ paint. And of course, my head got inflated after I heard about what happened in the frame shop.
I watched 'The Family Stone' again last night. I remember watching it when it first came out, but I guess I had missed out on a lot of parts. Maybe because I kept forwarding when Sarah Jessica Parker would act all uptight and :: clears throat :: rigid. Her character just grated on my nerves, I have allergies from throat clearers now. I guess I missed the part where Everett asks Julie how a person knows that what they're doing was their choice and passion. As opposed to having chosen it because they were good at it or because ppl around them expected them to do so. I know I've always wondered about that, and I really do wanna know, how does a person know that? I don't usually like movies that feel like like overstuffed vine leaves (well, my taste buds don't like turkey all that much), but I liked this one. It had its cliches - the whole perfect matchmaking thing, but it definitely had some originality. Realistic aspects.
I read 'Lucky' a coupla days ago. I must say that style wise, 'The lovely Bones' was much better. Still, lucky sent chills down (& up) my spine. Her memoir of when she was raped at 18, it makes you wish things like these didn't exist in this world. There's a part in her memoir where an officer asks her what she was wearing, it reminded me of something I had once read. How victims are seen as the culprit in some cases. People actually blame the women sometimes when they're raped. Even if they were decently dressed. I dont know, is it because they're trying to understand what happened? That there must be a reason? So they blame the victim. It doesn't really say that in her memoir, but I know that this happens sometimes. The Lovely Bones and Lucky are both first person naratives. One is fictional the other a memoir. Both deal w/ harrowing tales that happened to girls. Things that could happen and have happened. You can talk to a rape victim, but you can't talk to a murder victim. In The Lovely Bones, the victim's talking, giving you details about how it happened, but really, when ppl are murdered, who knows how it really happened? Maybe the question is, who would want to know how it really happened.
I checked out a coupla books from the library the other day. Vintage Munro, Curious Minds (which is pretty interesting), This Boy's Life (I read about it in Lucky) & Teahcing with Fire (poems). I wonder if I'll ever read them. I used to gobble up books before, but lately, I've changed. I'm picky about books, and sometimes I can go for a long time w/o reading. I'm just glad I'm reading now. I missed it. I feel like I've found my best friend again.
Well, I gotta go get ready for karate now. Kia!