Monday, October 16, 2006

Small World

I've often felt amazed at the minusicule world we live in. No matter how far we go, we are bound to bump into an acquaintance or a friend of a friend. Changing countries doesn't seem to affect that either. It has become a sort of game with me when I meet new people. I am pretty sure that they know someone else I already know, so the mystery only lies in finding out who that common person is, the missing link. In my 1st year at university I knew absolutely no one. I was the only one from my school to go to this university and my cousins who were my age opted for other universities. What I found surprising is that almost all the people I got to meet knew some of my old pals/family members & vice versa.
Naturally, I'm not the only one who experiences that. There's a whole theory and debate going on about how if you take any 2 random strangers, you would find that there's a chain of 5 people connecting them. I got sucked into "The six degrees of seperation" ever since I first read about it a couple of years ago (I think it was one of Malcolm Gladwell's books, but I'm going to dig in my bookcase to be sure. It's worth another read).
If people are really 5 people apart, then that would technically mean you can't ditch your old life and start all over again in a new place (Just in case I/you feel the need to do that :p). Scary, isn't it? It would also mean if someone saw you in your most embarrassing situation, more people would know about it than you think.
It's also no wonder that rumours usually go straight to the person who was 'talked about'. If you're only 5 people about, and with humankind's love for spicing things up, don't be too surprised if someone comes up to and tells you things about yourself that don't exist.
People, you're embedded in the networking business and there's no way out (yet) 'cause it's a small world after all.


El Hazard said...

It's scary but interesting at the same time =P It makes meeting new people fun - in a freaky way...

There was a catch phrase the phone company in the states used, it was something like: "We're all connected..."

=S can't remember what came after that, I was really young like 7 or 8 when the commercial used to air. I kinda think it ended with something like "through your telephone"... Whatever! Almuhim, it's true ;)

Bookworm said...

Freaky, yes. Just look at how we met! :P

El Hazard said...

That wasn't really freaky =P

Finding out we had a mutual Quran teacher and that you and Fida knew each other was freaky.. lol, I would have never guessed those two knew you!

Bookworm said...

:: nods :: That was weird.
There were more 'cases; : I met your cousin w/o knowing she was ur cuz. Your student took skating lessons with me summer before last.

I guess we all use the same 'telephone' ;)

Natsu2 said...

I like the telephone idea.

Another reason why the people you've met know your relatives & friends goes back to the history of the Emirates.
UAE was a small country in the past where most people where either traders or fishermen, and the houses (which were something like the houses at freej or even worse) were so close to each other & people in the neighbourhood knew each other. I'm sure that your grandmother knows someone from at least 3 of your friends's families (especially if the girls whom you're talking about are from the same city as you). All the girls at your university are Emiratis so there probably is a relation among many of them. (kinda freaky though)

What a small world indeed ^_~

Bookworm said...

Hey Natsu,

Yeah, you've got a point. Small Small Emirates >.<

Let's see the odds of me meeting any person I got to know 10 years ago when I used to live some place else in the next 2 years. If that happens then I'll start believing that there is no such thing as 'farewells'.

kath said...

and how my friend met your friend at some... "thing" and somehow they ended up talking about you and i and then it was like "omg i know her! she's related to the person that i know!" and so on. ;D

Bookworm said...

Yo Kath,
Hai, that was freakish :D

Just remembered a thing about Natsu! My best mate in highschool was in some course with her at uni. Small world indeed.