Sunday, August 06, 2006

Readaholics Anonymous

How can it be that I always fall on the same knee?! Two weeks ago, I had a very bad fall in ice skating and could barely walk. Today, I fell on that very same knee..thrice. I just took a peek and the aforesaid knee is having a very colorful makeover. I'm going to spray that injury thing on it and pray it's nothing serious. The class was great today tho, I finally managed to do the one foot spin! AND the Arabesque (also called spiral)is back again. Ever since the time I fell on my shoulder doing the Arabesque, I couldn't do it properly. I wanna go back and skate now!!
Saturday morning I was at the club half an hour early for the yoga class only to be told that they stopped yoga classes in August! I was mega disappointed - I was really looking forward to solving this relaxing problem. And as simple as it sounds, I don't know how to. I don't really know if I've always been this tense or whether it's a relatively new thing for me. What I know is that I don't want to end up like Gilmore Girls' Paris!! Wait! What if I am like her but never noticed. O.o
A month and a half of my summer holidays have gone and I've read so little Im ashamed of myself! I had a whole shelf of summer readings, but I just can't seem to get into reading anymore. I'm stuck in Smith's 'White Teeth' now. It lacks that gripping aspect. It doesn't have that c'mon-now-just-one-more-page thing. Maybe I'm judging it harshly since it's a book I'm forcing myself to read. Maybe it's really not my type. Maybe I've become too stupid to understand books. Or maybe someone's been lugging me off to Readaholics Anonymous sessions in my sleep.
I've been dubbed as the Ikea fixing person at home. My parents got some floor lamps and kitchen stuff today and no one seemed to know how to put them together. No one bothered to try is more like it.
Mum's been begging me to get rid of my books or at least place them in our downstair's library. I was appalled. Okay, so maybe I can't read now, but that is just taking it too far. They might get abandonment issues. Then, what will I do?!
System needs food. More later. Ja ne.


El Hazard said...

Allah yaeenich with that spiral! I know the feeling of not accomplishing what was planned for the summer... the only thing I made a huge dent in was the anime I had been stockpiling for the summer - and that's cuz it could be done in a 'sitting' position.
Hehehe, that brings back memories of my infamous Ikea bookcase that sat in the box for nearly 2 months before I even 'opened' it, then another month 'opened' and in the middle of my room floor before "Will" forced me to put it up;)
Wow, ur mom making u get rid of ur books would be HARSH! Maybe she'll reconsider and instead just add another room on to the house and turn it into ur personal library...
Impossible isn't possible, not even for ur mom;)

Bookworm said...

I remember that infamous bookcase of yours - I was itching to fix it. My reputation seems to have grown. Was @ grandmaz the other day, and they also had some Ikea stuff. Guess who befriended the screwdrivers there..

Mum knows that forcing me to do anything concerning my dotted on books will never work. She attacks surreptitiously, telling me how huge and 'pretty' my room is gonna look minus 3 bookcases. She even offered to arrange the whole room and clean it up for me if I ditch my books downstairs. No one will understand how shocking this offer is unless they know how my room looks like at the moment..

As for summer plans - seems like they're like new year resolutions. Sloshing down the drain. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

ano should give yourself some rest :( How about meditation?

One form is to sit in a quiet room for, about 15min and try to think of nothing (it's almost impossible not to think of anything, but it helps) just don't stare at a candle while doing that otherwise you'll ruin your aura-vision ability.
Another exercise is to draw a black small circle (with a coin on a white paper, & color it (don't leave the circle colorless, color it black)) (on a white wall) & stick the paper so that the black coloured circle is 45 degrees above the place where you're sitting. sit straight, breathe in for 4, hold for 2 counts & exhale for 8 counts. Keep doing that & focus on your breathing while you stare at the dot. Also try not to blink (super-hard, but it's good for your eyes) do this exercise for 10min only & try not to touch or drink water a few minutes after doing so (has something to do with the flow of energy)

This is supposed to give you the ability to see people's auras (helps concentration & vision)
I'm, unfortunately , not talking from experience, just repeating what I've heard ^_^; ((gomenne)) :P

Sorry I'm very bad at writing instructions, but I hope that this helps you relax :)
& the yoga classes weren't "that" relaxing, Body Balance (which the gym used to offer last year) was awesome but they don't offer it anymore.


Bookworm said...

Huh. How come they don't have Body Balance anymore? We need to relax ppl!

Thanks for the tips. Will try them sometime and if it works then you should too!