Sunday, August 13, 2006

On Rags and Bones

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was skating like a pro, scratching the ice just the right amount and leaping into the air doing three flips and loops like they were second nature to me. I think I've become a tad too obsessed with this skating business.

I feel the tingles. Yep, they're here allright and bound to stay for some time. Now, the tingles are little shivery feelings I get in my fingers and toes and which signify only one thing. Time to Shop. I'm not really crazy about shopping, but in all honesty, I can't say I hate it. A couple of times throughout the year, I get into a frenzied fit that can only be cured by shopping. I'm kind of glad, because my pocket-ripping shopping is never complete without a zealous, conscientious spring cleaning. And that, is zactly what my room is whimpering for.

Let's see, what do I have to do for today:
- Take clothes to tailor for altering.
- Wash two loads of Clothes (Closet is depressed - almost empty). (In Progress)
- Get Aerobics schedule from club (lost mine). (Must remember to do that tomorrow)
- Watch 'The Rain Man'. (Not done)
- Go to Grandmaz. (Done)
- Pass the Ice-skating test. (Mission Accomplished)
- Finish the White Gleaming Teeth. ( Coupla pages left)
- Book dentist appointments for familia. (Finito)

Yep. I'm still loitering about with Zadie Smith's book. I took heart however, when I read the following:
" 'And this is some kind of linguistic conflation between words Mrs. and Miss?' asked Samad, genuinely curious and oblivious to the nether wobblings of Katie Miniver's bottom lip. 'Something to describe the woman who has either lost her husband or has no prospect of finding another?'"

That hit me right in the face when I was least expecting it and made me convulse with giggles in the most unappropriate place. I was babysitting the kids at grandmaz, and now that they have seen me engage in an act so low as giggline, they will deem me unworthy of their respect. (Translation: Rumours have been spread about my mental abilities).

I have a thirst for Russian Literature. It's steaming from an unfinished book I have on my sidetable. I started Anna Karenina more than a month ago, but then got side tracked with 'The Time Traveller's Wife'. It was enjoyable, if a bit slow paced (the intricate descriptions that I fell in love with at first kinda threw me off later on). I wish if there was some course I can take on Russian Literature, I want the whole history behind it.

Time for a refill. Only the dregs remain of my morning coffee. Let's see what I can read about my day from them!


El Hazard said...

You ((think)) u r a bit obsessed with skating =P

Ahem, it was brought to my attention by ur "eternal rival" that u R obsessed with skating... lol I have no choice but to agree ;)

meh,it's not a bad thing after all so gambatte ::Gai-sensei nice guy pose::

Kath said...

You're aweasome at skating! I loved seeing you do it.

We must catch up, I miss you.

Bookworm said...

El Hazard - It's fun, what can I do? ;) Arigatou.

Kath - Aw, thanks Kath. You'll be able to do all that in 2 months if you keep on going.
Miss ya too sweets, let's get together soon.